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Get more than a line on your resume.

Be the model of possibilities.

You've left the classroom, or you're about to, and you're thinking about what to do next. There are so many choices. We know it's exciting and a little scary, too, but you are fearless.

Fearless is imagining what's possible and taking the leap.

We're Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC (call us Blue Cross NC), one of the largest, most respected employers in North Carolina. We bring a fearless spirit to work every day because we're improving lives and changing what's possible in healthcare.

If you've got a fearless spirit, make us your first stop on the way to a great career.

Choose your own path.

We've got two exceptional programs to help you build relevant work skills, develop your business acumen and make a difference, too.
Are you a pharmacy student?
Build on your education with our Post-Graduate Year One Program