Rotational Development Program


Thank you for your interest in Blue Cross NC's Rotational Development Program. We are currently not accepting applications at this time. Please stay connected with us to remain aware of future early career opportunities.

What is Rotational Development?

RDP team members

This special, two-year program lets you be a Blue Cross NC employee unlike any other.

  1. To Start, take an in-depth look at our customers and our company.
  2. Next, rotate through the work areas that interest you. With each rotation, you'll learn new skills, build professional smarts and meet company leaders.
  3. The End Goal is to take on a role that draws on your unique RDP experience.
"The Rotational Program gave me the opportunity to take on significant responsibilities in multiple departments and work on projects that made a real impact. I was always learning, experimenting and honing new skills that helped me grow professionally."
– Brandon Vega, Rotational Development Program Associate
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Why Choose a Job When You Can Design a Career?

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), our Rotational Development Program (RDP) allows talented college grads with various backgrounds the opportunity to explore and work in different areas of the company over 24 months. During this time, employees in the program design their own unique work experiences by picking three rotations of about 7 months each – and any area of the company is fair game for a rotation.

Join Us and Be the Model of What's Possible.

For questions, email us at

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